Anfield’s ‘Past v Present’ idea

Tuesday, May 12 – 1942
Liverpool FC have applied to the Football Association for permission to stage a charity game at Anfield on Saturday, June 6, when they will meet an Army side composed almost entirely of Liverpool players.

While the visiting team will not be definitely known until later, it will probably include ten of Liverpool’s pre-war players, who joined the Territorial Army in those far-off days when the War Office appealed to football clubs to back up the “Terriers,” and Liverpool were among the first to respond. Except in one or two isolated instances, such as the posting of Matt Busby to Scotland and untimely death of poor old Tommy Cooper, the fortunes of war have not disbanded the Anfield contingent. They have kept together all through and have been playing fairly regularly in Service competitions, where they have done extremely well.

If all goes as hoped, the visiting side may read like this: –
Dirk Kemp, Bernard Ramsden, A.N. Other, Jack Easdale, Tom Bush, Jimmy McInnes, Harry Eastham, Phil Taylor, John Shafto, William Pinnington, and George Patterson.

Apart from left back, all these are Liverpool’s own players, and the match will give us a grand opportunity to weigh up the form of some of the pre-war seniors and those former ‘A’ teamers who have since taken their places with such success.
(Liverpool Echo, 12-05-1942)

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