Liverpool ‘A’ – A splendid record

Tuesday, May 12 – 1942
Mention of the ‘A’ team bring to mind the remarkable record of Liverpool’s second string this season. After starting off their County Combination programme in anything but promising fashion, with only one point out of the first six, they have since taken 59 points out of a possible 60. They won the County Combination half-way championship, and are now favourites for the George Mahon Cup, in which they defeated Randles (away) last Saturday in the first leg of the semi-final.

Considering that the team has had to be continually switched round owing to players being called up as they reach military age, and that the “cream” has been skimmed for the senior side. Liverpool have every reason to be extremely pleased at the good showing of their reserves. Manager George Kay and trainer Jimmy Seddon have put a great deal of hard work into the training of these lads. The results are now being seen.

Apart from a few from the outlying districts, the majority of the players are Liverpool bred and born, and most of them got their chance with Liverpool through the trial games held each summer at the Cadby Hall ground. Mr. George Kay watches something like 200 ambitious youngsters at the beginning of each season. He certainly seems to have picked some good ones this last few years, and the benefit to Liverpool will be incalculable when we get back to normal times.
(Liverpool Echo, 12-05-1942)

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