Extra time did it for Blackburn Rovers

Monday, May 25 – 1942
Failure to maintain the pace during extra time cost Liverpool their place in the Lancashire Cup at Anfield. Twice the Reds got in front, but the Rovers, battling with rare enthusiasm, wined out the lead.

Came extra time and a slight Red wilting while the Rovers showed they not only had punch but stamina. They took a deciding goal in 108 minutes, and although Liverpool fought back brilliantly goalkeeper Conway held them at bay in miraculous style and the Reds passed out with colours nailed to the mast.

This was a mighty struggle embracing all that is best in soccer, and while Liverpool definitely were the better side for an hour, the Rovers lasted much better, and were just about worthy of their success.

Vital difference between the sides was at half-back. The Rovers’ three were perfect, with Percival taking premier honours, and while the Liverpool intermediate were excellent in their ball work both Harry Kaye and Fred Haycock too frequently wandered out of position leaving inviting defensive gaps. It made all the difference.

Andy McLaren and George Mutch, of Preston, both did finely in the Reds attack, and they got a goal each. Anderson scored for the Rovers from a penalty before Tommy Gardner cracked home the final equaliser. Rilet got the winner in the second portion of extra time.

Liverpool finished with only ten fit men, for Berry Nieuwenhuys strained a groin and although beaten they certainly were not disgraced. I rated Ray Lambert the best man on the side – he never put a foot wrong – and Fred Finney was magnificent until he tired.

Cyril Done was eclipsed by Arthur Woodruff, and so a lot of the bite went out of the Red attack. Done levelled not one shot during the afternoon, and Andy McLaren and Berry Nieuwenhuys bore the brunt of the shooting.
(Liverpool Echo, 25-05-1942)

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