Army’s strong side

Thursday, May 28 – 1942
The Western Command are taking no chances against Mr. Ted Robbin’s eleven, and have chosen a strong side, including several internationals. In addition to Mercer, and possibly Cook, we are also represented by Balmer (Liverpool) who leads the Army’s attack. Pryde (Blackburn) is at centre half and Dix inside left.

The Rhyl folk are certainly going to see a first class exhibition. It is a long time since the North Wales town housed such a collection of stars as Saturday’s game will produce. The Western Command side reads: –
George Swindin (Arsenal), Billy Cook (Everton), Hubert Redwood (Manchester United), Joe Mercer (Everton), Bob Pryde (Blackburn Rovers), Charlton (Manchester United), David Hamilton (Newcastle United), A.N. Other, Jack Balmer (Liverpool), Ronnie Dix (Tottenham Hotspur), Sammy Armes (Middlesbrough).

Originally John Robinson was intended for the inside right position, but he has been released to assist Wolverhampton in the Cup final game at Molyneux.
(Liverpool Echo, 28-05-1942)

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