Anfield decider

May 29, 1942
While we had dreamed of Liverpool and Everton meeting in the Lancashire Senior Cup final and found that bubble exploded in two different ways, we must be thankful to Mr. Ike Robinson and his colleagues of the Liverpool County F.A. for staging the final of the Liverpool Senior Cup at Anfield tomorrow and so ensuing that our season ends on a big “derby” note.

This match not only affects the participants for Tranmere Rovers, New Brighton and Southport have a finger in the pie. They will have a small share in the gate which should easily top the 20,000 mark. Rarely has there been such a gathering of the stars, and while there will be eight internationals on view no fewer than nine other clubs are represented. This will more than compensate for the absence of some of our old friends and should ensure one of the best of the Red-Blue strugglers of the season.

This will be the fifth and deciding match of the “rubber.” The first time the clubs met was on the League when Liverpool won at Anfield 3-1 and lost at Goodison Park 5-2. Then they clashed in the War Cup when Everton won 2-0 at Anfield but lost 1-0 at Goodison Park to win the tie by the odd goal.

On league records Liverpool have fared better than their rivals from across the Park, but the Reds lost their chance of League Championship No. 2 by losing at Blackpool last Monday. Tomorrow’s game also counts as a Football League game, but if Everton win they cannot catch up their neighbours. No. The main goal remains the Cup final and the War Saving Certificates which go as extra reward “for the winners.”

Believe me those certificates will certainly make the lads pull out that extra bit. It will have a “bonus” effect on a game which cannot fail to provide thrills and artistry.

Friends Opposed.
It is curious that Tom Lawton will be opposed to Woodruff of Burnley, for in Lawton’s early days in soccer they were friends together as Turf Moor. Now the fair-haired Woodruff and one of the best stoppers in the north will try to put the chains on England’s greatest centre-forward. I do not think Lawton will starve for want of the right material on which to work, for in Mutch and Soo Everton have two brilliant inside-forwards and Soo has developed a fine working partnership with Alex Stevenson who has taken to the outside-left role as in the manner born.

Liverpool’s go-getters Liddell and Done, should also get plenty of opportunities for extending the Everton defence for McLaren and Carey, Manchester United (who takes the place of Fred Haycock required by Aston Villa are splendid gathers, forever fetching and carrying.

Liverpool may have a slight pull at half-back, for there are few better intermediates in the county than Bill Shankly while if Kaye will curb that tendency to wander out of position he will be even more effective. The main issue is whether Liverpool can hold Tom Lawton. I am a great admirer of Woodruff, but do not think he will be good enough in the air to keep England’s leader in check, and it is because of this that I think Everton may win.

Liverpool: Alf Hobson, Roy Guttridge, John Griffths, Bill Shankly, Arthur Woodruff, Harry Kaye, Billy Liddell, Andy McLaren, Cyril Done, Johnny Carey, Jack Wharton.

Everton: George Burnett, Billy Cook, Jack Jones, Stan Bentham, Harry Jones, Eric Keen, Alex Anderson, George Mutch, Tommy Lawton, Frank Soo, Alex Stevenson.
(Evening Express: May 29, 1942)

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