War time guest stars on view at Anfield

May 29, 1942
For tomorrow’s Anfield Cup game Liverpool will have the help of six new guest stars. In addition to other borrowed players who have been assisting them regularly this season. The newcomers are John Griffiths, and Johnny Carey (Manchester United), Arthur Woodruff (Burnley), and Bill Shankly, Andy McLaren, and Jack Wharton from Preston North End.

Griffiths, who has also had service with Bolton and Wolves is one of the speediest backs in the game and like Harley has won many trophies on the sprinting track. Shankly, a grand constructive half back, was a regular in Preston’s pre-war side, and along with Woodruff and Kaye, should made a splendid intermediate line.

With McLaren, Carey and Wharton to aid their ‘regulars in the attack, Liverpool have certainly succeeded in turning out a strong eleven, and one which should make Everton even on their recent improved showing go all the way. Kaye, Liddell, and Done are the only Liverpool-signed players in the side, which is an interesting sidelight on how Liverpool have been hit in their playing strength this season.

Everton also have had to resort to a North End borrowing to complete their side now that Joe Mercer is not available and George Mutch once again turns out for them. Tommy Lawton is expected to play, also Frank Soo, and if the Everton front line serves up the brilliant stuff that it did on Monday against Bolton the spectators are in for a grand treat.

A word of thanks is due to the Liverpool County FA, who have once again forfeited their right to a share of the gate, so that the clubs, in these difficult times, may get all the help possible.

Liverpool. – Alf Hobson, Roy Guttridge, John Griffiths, Bill Shankly, Arthur Woodruff, Harry Kaye, Billy Liddell, Andy McLaren, Cyril Done, Johnny Carey, Jack Wharton.

Everton. – George Burnett, Billy Cook or George Jackson, Jack Jones, Stan Bentham, Harry Jones, Eric Keen, Anderson, George Mutch, Tommy Lawton, Frank Soo, Alex Stevenson.
(Liverpool Echo: May 29, 1942)

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