Fine finish at Anfield

June 1, 1942
The meeting of Liverpool and Everton in the Liverpool Senior Cup final at Anfield provided a thrilling finish to the season’s programme with Liverpool emerging worthy winners by 4-1. So keen and determined were both sides and so packed was the game with thrilling incidents that it savoured more of the opening than the closing of the season.

Liverpool were definitely the better side in the first half when Everton, handicapped partly by an injury to Harry Jones, were over-played. But for quite a lengthy period in the second half the boot was on the other foot and Liverpool had long spells on the defensive. The difference between the attacks was the secret of Liverpool’s success. Every forward on the home side was ready to shoot when the opportunity offered, whereas Everton were content to leave nearly all their shooting to Lawton. Although inadequately supported, Lawton worked hard and got in some characterised shots, but generally speaking, he was overwhelmed by weight of numbers and by the excellent covering of Woodruff, who played a grand game at centre half.

Lawton’s Drive
One of Lawton’s efforts is worthy of special mention; it was a lightning drive taken on the half-turn with the ball waist high, and delivered with terrific power. Hobson made a great save. Liverpool were three up in half an hour through Wharton, Done, and Carey, added to which McLaren put in two efforts which seemed certain goals until Burnett popped up with wonderful save. Lawton reduced the lead just before the interval with a splendidly headed goal from Owen’s centre.

The early period of the second half was notable for some brilliant goalkeeping by Burnett and Hobson. On the opposite side of the account were several missed chances. Liverpool were well served by their borrowed players. Woodruff, already mentioned, was the best half on the field; Owen, of Tranmere, who has always put up a grand show on this ground, added further to his reputation, while Wharton was brilliant on the left wing. Shankly and Kaye were sound, and the inside forwards were good. Done worried the Everton defence by his usual persistency, but frequently failed to get the ball under control quickly enough to make the most of his chances.

Burnett Confident
Everton were not the side they have been in their last couple of games. The attack missed the genius of Soo, and the half-back line was weakened by Jones’s lameness. The wing halves and the backs kept up a stout front under Liverpool’s pressure and forceful tactics, but the real honours of the day went to Burnett in goal, who is now back in his most confident mood. Owen contributed some good work at outside right and Lawton did all that could be expected of him against heavy odds. The power behind some of his first-time shots from standing positions was amazing, even for those who know the strength of Lawton’s shooting.
Attendance: 13,761, receipts £815.

Liverpool: Alf Hobson, Roy Guttridge, Arthur Owen, Bill Shankly, Arthur Woodruff, Harry Kaye, Billy Liddell, Andy McLaren, Cyril Done, Johnny Carey, Jack Wharton.
Everton: George Burnett, Billy Cook, Jack Jones, Stan Benthan, Harry Jones, Eric Keen, W. Owen, George Mutch, Tommy Lawton, Alex Stevenson, Gordon Watson.
Referee: Mr. J. Phillips (Liverpool).
(Liverpool Daily Post: June 1, 1942)

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