Liverpool win Liverpool Cup

Monday, June 1 – 1942
It is a long time since any season went out with such a hectic ending as Saturday provided apart from the League London and Lancashire Cups, the Liverpool Senior Cup provided a brilliant finale for Merseyside enthusiasts. There was none of that end-of-the-season readiness we used to get in the old days when there was nothing at stake. It was more like the opening of the season than the close and with both sides fighting hard to win the fifth and deciding Liverton meeting there was any amount over which the spectators could, and did, enthuse.

Liverpool were worthy winners, for they had much of the better of the first half, and though Everton were on top for a long spell, in the second portion, their finishing, bar Tommy Lawton’s was never in the same class as Liverpool’s.

Some of Lawton’s shots were in his best vein, but he was too weakly supported to have much chance against Liverpool’s solid defence, in which Arthur Woodruff was outstanding. He got one goal to offset Liverpool’s four and put in one smashing effort which most folk with long remember. It was a terrific drive, on the half-turn from a difficult bouncing ball, waist-high which demanded almost a contortionist’s skill to hit at all.

Liverpool won because they shot on every possible occasion, whereas Everton’s forwards for a long spell seemed to regard hooting as the sole prerogative of Lawton. When they did wake up they found Alf Hobson in brilliant form.

So, too was George Burnett, and the goalkeeping on both sides was a notable feature. Liverpool were served by all their guest players, and by none more so than little Arthur Owen, the Tranmere back, who always puts up a good show on this ground.

It was a fitting finale to the season, fought out in such clean sporting fashion that Referee Phillips who took the middle at short notice and handled the game well, had his task made easier.
(Liverpool Echo, 01-06-1942)

Arthur Woodruff

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