A new football school by George Kay

June 3, 1942
Liverpool have good cause to be pleased with the showing which their former ‘A’ team players have made in the senior side this season, and also with the excellent performances of the ‘A’ side itself, which, in spite of many changes and the loss of several of its stars to the Forces, has carried all before it in the County Combination.

To mark the second string’s good work the chairman, Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale, is entertaining the players to a social event and theatre show on Saturday week.

After the lads have had a bit of a breather Mr. George Kay is to embark on a new coaching idea. He has always taken a big interest in the younger players, and given them plenty of encouragement and opportunities for training.

While this will continue, he is adding to it a weekly “school,” starting in August, for intensive instruction in tactics, positional play, and so on. Realising that next season they may have to rely even more than hitherto on their younger players, Liverpool are taking the bull by the horns and starting in good times.
(Liverpool Echo: June 3, 1942)

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