Former Liverpool player in serious bus crash

June 8, 1942
Bus and lorry crash
Two dead, 13 hurt at Gresford
A collision between a motor-bus and a motor-lorry at Gresford this morning caused the death of two persons and injuries to 13 others.

The dead persons are Thomas Edward Williams (22), Hill-street, Rhostyllen, and Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Hughes (50), Hope-street, Rhos.

The names of the injured, the first seven of whom are regarded as most serious, are: –
Ben Cartwright (43), Bryn Gardden, Rhos (injury to the thigh); Herbert Jones (42), Maifod-place, Wrexham (injury to the hip, legs, and head); Thomas Hall (35), Birkett-street, Rhostyllen (injuries arm and leg); Thomas Worrall (20), Norman-road, Wrexham (abrasions, face and hands, injury left arm); Margaret Anne Griffiths (24), Cynghorfan, Rhos (head injuries); Isaac Williams, Delph-lane, Ponciau (fractured skull); Rita Edwards, Off Brock-street, Rhos (unconscious).

Sephorah Williams (59), Off Brook-street, Rhos (abrasions shin and nose); B.J. Goode (56), Glen Afron, Maesydre (injury to eye); Isaiah Williams (57), Vernon-street, Wrexham (cut head and right hand); Thomas Stanley Rathnone (53), Oakfield Cottages, Gresford (abrasions); Alfred Whittaker (43), The Laurels, Wrexham (injury left leg); Charles Alfred Starkey (52), Acton-terrace, Rhos (abrasions face, arm and legs).

The injured man, Goode, is Bertram Goode who in his younger days was a well-known football having played for Aston Villa, Everton ** and later for Wrexham.

** Goode never player for Everton, but for Liverpool.

Bus’s side torn off.
The ‘bus was proceeding to Chester from Wrexham, and when nearly opposite the Plough Hotel at Gresford, it apparently skidded against a stationary lorry belonging to the Denbighshire County Council, which had stopped to pick up a number of workmen.

The near side of the ‘bus was ripped off and some of the passengers were hurled into the road.

St. John ambulances were sent from Wrexham and the injured persons taken to the Wrexham and East Denbighshire War Memorial Hospital, where they received treatment.

Seven were detained in the institution.

One of the ‘bus passengers, William E. Roberts, Glen Afon, Maesydre, Wrexham, told the Evening Express, “I was sitting at the back on the right hand side when just after we had passed the Plough Hotel at Gresford the ‘bus swerved over and hit something in front of us.

“Then the side of the ‘bus opposite to that on which I was sitting came off, the glass windows broke and women screamed.”
(Evening Express: June 8, 1942)

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