Anfield stars of the future

June 11, 1942
Striking record of second string.
With the likelihood that next season’s team—raising difficulties for Soccer clubs will be even greater than in the past, Liverpool F.C. have reason to be gratified as the excellent showing of their “A” team in the last eight months.

The club now has the comfortable feeling, of they are unable to obtain older players who so far have been assisting them, that there are plenty of excellent up-and-coming youngsters in the second string only waiting for the chance to show their skill in a higher sphere.

The record of Liverpool “A” is worth giving in full, as follows: –
To December 31:
Played, 17;
Won, 12;
Drawn, 3;
Lost, 2;
Goals scored, 77;
Goals against, 23;
Points, 27.

From December 31:
Played, 14;
Won, 13;
Drawn, 1;
Lost, 0;
Goals scored, 67;
Goals against, 16;
Points, 27.

Lancashire Junior Cup:
Played, 4;
Won, 2;
Lost, 2;
Goals scored, 12;
Goals against, 14;
Points, 4.

Played, 1;
Drawn, 1;
Goals scored. 2;
Goals against, 2.

Played, 36;
Won, 27;
Drawn, 5;
Lost, 4;
Goals scored, 157;
Goals against, 54;
Points: 58.

In addition to the Liverpool County Championship, they also won the George Mahon Cup. As over forty players took part in these matches and the Forces claimed several as they  have attained military age, their success has not been due to the ability to play a comparatively unchanged side week by week.

Leading scorer is Arthur Shepherd (now in the Forces), who got 41 goals in 21 games, Shepherd a West Derby youngster, joined Liverpool when 18 after distinguishing himself in the last summer trials organised by Manager Mr. George Kay, whose good work, along with that of Trainer Jimmy Seddon, has been the sound foundation on which the second string’s successes have been built.

Other leading goal-scorers were inside left Jack Campbell (18 goals in 31 matches), outside left Michael Hulligan (17 in 23 games), Willie Hall (outside right, 14 in 27 games), George Collister (inside forward, 16 in 25) and Charlie Fazackerley, the skipper and general utility player, who got 14 in 27 matches. Fazackerley played in five different half back and forward positions, doing equally well in all, while he also had some senior team appearances at full-back.

When Shepherd joined the Royal Marines, Mr. George Kay had another centre-forward “up his sleeve” to fill the gap, and produced 16-year-old Les Shannon, who kept up the good work by bagging 12 goals in his eight appearances.

It will thus be seen that Liverpool have reason to be pleased with the achievement of the younger end of their staff, and in recognition of their grand record Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale, chairman of the club, is entertaining all the “A” team players to tea and a theatre on Saturday.
(Liverpool Echo: June 11, 1942)

George Kay
George Kay

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