Liverpool “A” celebrated a super season

June 13, 1942
Liverpool “A” team’s celebrated “do” on Saturday was one of the happiest little Soccer functions I have been to for some time. Unfortunately, Chairman Richard Lawson Martindale was unable to be present, but the vice-chairman, Mr. William McConnell, deputised in his usual efficient fashion, supported by Mr. George Alfred Richards, J.P., Manager George Kay, Trainer Jimmy Seddon, and Mr. John Charles Rouse.

Mr. McConnell complimented the players on their grand record, pointed out the chances for promotion, and assured them of the club’s encouragement and interest in their efforts to become senior stars. Mr. George Alfred Richards added his tribute. Charlie Fazackerley replied as captain, and said the grand team-work of the side was the secret of their success.

Savings Certificates were presented to those taking part in the George Mahon Cup, and an evening which will be long remembered by the “A” teamers ended with a show.

The former “A” team half-back, Eddie Spicer, who did such good work in the senior side until he joined up has received a commission in the Royal Marines. Congratulations.
(Liverpool Echo: June 15, 1942)

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