Lancashire F.A. proposals

June 25, 1942
I have listened to a lot of talk about the Lancashire Football Association’s action in dismissing Everton from last season’s Lancashire Cup semi-final, and very few of the speakers had a good word to say about the Association.

At their meeting the other day the FA made a proposal which will have the backing of every football club in the country. Their proposal was concerning the entertainment tax. It was urged that football should be placed on a different footing than at present.

Mr. Walter Henry Cartwright, the Liverpool F.C. director, was the prime mover, and where high finance is concerned Mr. Cartwright has few superiors. He said that at present football was included in the section for cinemas and bracketed with dog racing and horse racing. He contended that football should be placed in the “living entertainment” section which included stage and music.

“There is need for revised classification,” said Mr. Cartwright, “for under the present system the tax on the Blackpool v Blackburn Rovers Lancashire Cup final was £212. Considering the part football is playing in the nation’s life it should be given some relief.”

Boxing has been treated in the self same way as football. There seems to be a good case to take to the Government for reclassification.
(Liverpool Echo: June 25, 942)

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