Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1942

June 26, 1942
Twenty-one years on the Board
Mr. Walter Henry Cartwright and Mr. William Harvey Webb, the Liverpool directors who were re-elected at the annual meeting of the Liverpool Football Club last night, have completed 21 years in the service of the club. The other retiring directors to be re-elected was Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale, the chairman.

In his address to the small attendance of shareholders, Mr. Martindale, after remarking that the club had made a profit for the first time since war-time football began, paid tribute to his co-directors, the manager, training staff and the players.

The team had finished high in the table, and the “A” team had won the County Combination and the George Mahon Cup. “Guest artists” had played their part in the success, but it was the enthusiasm of Liverpool’s own players which was so pleasing a feature.
(Liverpool Echo: June 27, 1942)


Mr. William Harvey Webb and Mr. Walter Henry Cartwright have reached their majority as directors of Liverpool Football Club. They were, with the chairman, Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale, re-elected unopposed at last evening’s meeting of shareholders for a period of three years.

Two of the best-known directors in football, Messrs. Webb and Cartwright went on to the board together in 1921 and have done yeoman service. Mr. Cartwright was chairman for several seasons, but Mr. Webb has always refused that honour, being content with his splendid work as chairman for many years of the Grounds Committee.

Last night’s gathering was Liverpool’s 50th annual meeting, and in ordinary times that would have been fittingly celebrated.

The directors reported their best was season to date, for accounts showing a year’s profit of £1,277 were adopted, and Messrs. Simon Jude and West were re-elected auditors.

Mr. Martindale, presiding at an annual meeting for the first time, reviewed the position of the club and said it was determined to continue to preserve a high position in football in the present difficult conditions. The directors took the long view, and were determined to build up team strength for the future, and Mr. George Kay, the Manager, ably assisted by the trainers Albert Shelley and Jimmy Seddon, had done their job well. They had developed local amateurs in the 18 class which had scored a double success, and the policy of the development of youngsters would be continued next season.

During the season just ended, Liverpool had utilised 48 players, of whom eleven were amateurs. They had 34 players, both amateur and professional, in the Forces. The club was proud of the fact that two of their 18 boys – Billy Liddell and Ray Lambert – had been honoured by their countries in internationals last season. Mr. Martindale paid tribute to the various Services for the help given in releasing players for matches.

The meeting conveyed to William John Harrop wishes for success in the election of members for the League Management Committee on Monday, and Mr. George Kay gave the shareholders a resume of the work of the Anfield nursery. The shareholders congratulated the directors on the splendid season’s work, and the meeting was over in 30 minutes.
(Source: Evening Express: June 27, 1942)



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