Liverpool’s strength

August 26, 1942
Liverpool are certain of strong representation for their opening soccer game of the season at Wrexham on Saturday, although the exact composition of the team will not be known until later in the week, perhaps only just prior to the match.

It is more than likely that the side will include two newcomers – Eric Keen and George Mills, the Derby County and Chelsea stars respectively. If this is so, both the half-back line and the attack will be given great power.

Keen assisted Everton last season. He is a grand half-back, both in the constructive and defensive sense. Mills is a strong and speedy attacker with a powerful shot.

Hobson, Guttridge and Lambert, who performed well last season, will again form the defence. Among the selected half-backs is Pilling, the former New Brighton player, while in the attack, in addition to Mills, the directors can chose from Nieuwenhuys, Fagan, Done, Liddell and Balmer.

Liverpool – Alf Hobson, Roy Guttridge, Ray Lambert, Harry Kaye, Eric Keen, Jack Pilling, Fred Finney, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Willie Fagan, George Mills, Cyril Done, Billy Liddell, Jack Balmer.
(Evening Express: August 26, 1942)

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