Derby match team problems

September 8, 1942
Liverpool and Everton are faced with several problems regarding their teams to play in the first of the season’s big Merseyside “Derby” games which is scheduled for Anfield on Saturday.

So far as the Reds are concerned Manager Mr. George Kaye is waiting who he can get to complete his defence. Roy Guttridge the Aston Villa player, was injured in last Saturday’s game against Wrexham and most be labelled “doubtful”, while Ray Lambert the young Welsh international, reported for the Royal Air Force yesterday. Lambert and Guttridge have been Liverpool’s regular backs’ ever since the start of last season except when Jim Harley came on leave.

Kaye and Keen are all right for the half-back line, and if Spicer cannot play, Pilling will be ready for left-half, while Alf Hobson will be okay for goal.

Mr. Kay intends trying to secure one of his pre-war first team players to include in the attack, and it is possible that Phil Taylor will be able to get away. If so, Phil could play outside-right, allowing Liddell to revert to the left. Then Mr. Kay will have Done, Mills, and Dorsett for the inside berths.

Tommy Jones Back?
Everton will have to take the field without their English international Tommy Lawton and Joe Mercer. Both are playing this week-end with the Army F.A. touring side. It is a pity this tour clashes with the “Derby” match, but these things cannot be helped.

One thing, Tommy Jones, the Welsh international centre half, who played for Wrexham last Saturday expressed the hope to me that he will be able to return. This is a piece of really good news, for it means that Harry Jones, of West Bromwich, will be release to deputise for Lawton at centre-forward.

Secretary Mr. Theo Kelly is also pretty confident that Frank Soo, the Stoke City English international will be able to play his first game of the season. If so, then Mr. Kelly’s forward troubles are at the end. Soo would link up with acting captain Alex Stevenson on the left, and there is Alf Anderson – George Mutch combination for the right flank.

The Irish F.A. had intimated that they would require Stevenson for their game with the Army, but obviously they changed their plans, for Peter Doherty has been chosen and “Stevie” is all set for the Anfield duel. It is hard luck on Stevenson, but good luck for the Blues.

Billy Cook may not be back in time to play, but Everton are well served by George Jackson and Jack Jones, and with Stan Bentham a ready-made deputy for Mercer, the Blues may get over their difficulties. The whole thing seems to depend on the return of Tom Jones and Soo.
(Evening Express: September 8, 1942)

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