First ‘Liverton’ clash

September 11, 1942
The first game this season between Liverpool and Everton come earlier than usual, which is perhaps advantageous from some angles, and I shall be surprised if tomorrow’s crowd at Anfield does not touch 15,000.

The absence of Lawton, Mercer and Stevenson from Everton’s team, while rather disappointing, is balanced to some extent by the inclusion of Boyes, on one of his rare visits and Soo, of Stoke. If the latter fits in with Anderson, as he did last season with Stevenson, then the home defence is in for a hectic time.

Our local Derbies, of recent years have produced some thrilling and clean football, with both sides striving might and main to win. Those who maintain that war time football can’t be compared to pre-war stuff should have seen last season’s ‘Liverton’ matches.

True, the absence of the old tremendous crowds takes away some of the atmosphere of most matches but Liverpool –Everton meetings don’t suffer this, and the precariously inclined spectators will find all the company and excitement he wants.

Tomorrow’s match is likely to develop mainly into a battle of defence. Both sides are strong in this respect and the rival attacks will have to pull out some good stuff to get the better of them. While Everton’s attack so far has shown lack of fire in the front of goal, the inclusion of Soo should make a big difference.

Liverpool’s attack is not without blemish, but in Done and Dorsett they have two forwards who realise that first time shooting pays better dividends than tip-tapping, and if they shoot as they did against Wrexham last week Burnett is going to be busy.

Liverpool: Alf Hobson, Roy Guttridge, Ray Lambert, Harry Kaye, Tom Bush, Eddie Spicer, Billy Liddell, Dick Dorsett, George Mills, Cyril Done, Phil Taylor.

Everton: George Burnett, Billy Cook, George Jackson, Norman Greenhalgh, Jack Jones, Stan Bentham, Tommy Jones, Gordon Watson, Alf Anderson, George Mutch, Harry Jones, Frank Soo, Wally Boyes.
(Liverpool Echo: September 11, 1942; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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