Northern Ireland Command v British Army 3-5 (Army friendly: September 14, 1942)

September 14, 1942
Match: Army match, at Cliftonville, kick-off: 18:00.
Northern Ireland Command – British Army 3-5 (2-3).
Northern Ireland Command (2-3-5): Dennis Wright (Mansfield Town and Glentoran), Viv Aston (Bury and Glentoran), Taylor (Stoke and Derry City), John Beattie (Parkhead and Derry City), Billy Mould (Stoke and Linfield), Brolly (Linfield), Fred Roberts (Bury and Glentoran), Syd Peppitt (Stoke and Linfield), Jack Rowley (Manchester United and Distillery), Alec Ormston (Stoke and Linfield), Arthur Forde (Wrexham and Distillery).
British Army (2-3-5): Frank Swift (Manchester City), Joe Bacuzzi (Fulham), Andy Beattie (Preston North End), Cliff Britton (Everton), Reg Halton (Bury), Joe Mercer (Everton), Ralph Birkett (Newcastle United), Willie Fagan (Liverpool), Tommy Lawton (Everton), Reg Lewis (Arsenal), Jimmy Mullen (Wolves).
The goals: 0-1 Fagan (15 min.), 0-2 Lawton (23 min.), 1-2 Rowley (34 min.), 2-2 Peppitt (36 min.), 2-3 Lawton (42 min.), 2-4 Lawton (61 min.), 3-4 Peppitt, 3-5 Birkett.


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