Derby match team news

Tuesday, September 15 – 1942
Both Everton and Liverpool have doubts regarding their teams for the second of the big Merseyside “Derby” games, which is due to be staged at Goodison Park on Saturday. Secretary Mr. Theo Kelly is able to announce a provisional side, but manager Mr. George Kay cannot give any definite indications as to the constitution of the Liverpool team.

One thing is certain, Everton will have out a stronger side than that which lost by the only goal at Anfield last Saturday. Alex Stevenson, the Irish international forward, will be back on duty, and that will make a tremendous difference to the effectiveness of the attack.

Mr. Kelly hopes that both Tom Lawton and Joe Mercer will be able to get along, but this depends entirely on the needs of the Army F.A. The Army tour concludes on Saturday, when they play Scotland and only if Tom and Joe are not required for this game will they be able to come to Goodison Park.

Mutch, Anderson, and Harry Jones, are the three “guest” players among the certainers, while Tommy Jones, the Welsh international pivot, will also be on parade. Four full backs are named, and Stan Bentham is included among, the forward – obviously because of the home that Mercer will be back.

The certain news from Anfield is that neither Phil Taylor nor Ted Spicer will be available. Taylor has an injured ankle, and Spicer has gone back off leave. Still, maybe Mr. Kay can get one of the other Army lads down for the day, and he will try to get Bill Jones, the tall forward. Then there is Eric Keen available, so on the face of things, the clubs should have out pretty representative teams.
(Evening Express, 15-09-1942)

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