Irish League v British Army 2-3 (Army friendly: September 16, 1942)

September 16, 1942
Match: Army friendly, at Grosvenor Park; kick-off: 18:00.
Irish League – British Army 2-3 (1-0).
Attendance: 15,000; gate receipts: £700.
Irish League (2-3-5): Tom Breen (Linfield), William McMillan (Belfast Celtic), Jim Feeney (Linfield), Harry Walker (Belfast Celtic), Jack Vernon (Belfast Celtic), Tom Brolly (Linfield), David Cochrane (Linfield), Jimmy McAlinden (Belfast Celtic), Jack Rowley (Distillery), Alec Ormston (Linfield), Douglas (Glentoran).
British Army (2-3-5): Frank Swift (Manchester City), Joe Bacuzzi (Fulham), Andy Beattie (Preston North End), Matt Busby (Liverpool), James Carabine (Third Lanark), Joe Mercer (Everton), Ralph Birkett (Newcastle United), Alex Herd (Manchester City), Tommy Lawton (Everton), Gordon Bremner (Arsenal), Jimmy Mullen (Wolves).
The goals: 1-0 Rowley (2 min.), 1-1 Herd (63 min.), 2-1 Cochrane, 2-2 Mullen, 2-3 Bremner (85 min.).


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