Arthur Shepherd’s “bag”

September 17, 1942
It used to be said of Liverpool Football Club that while they could always find first-class goalkeeper, they could never discover a really brilliant centre-forward. Things seem to have changed. The Reds today boast one of the most promising young centre-forwards in the North. I refer to Arthur Shepherd, whose prodigious scoring feats have had much to do with the non-stop run of the reserves.

1942 Arthur Shepherd

Up to now Liverpool have played three County Combination games have won the lot with a goal aggregate of 18 to 1. Well, young Shepherd has bagged no fewer than none of those goals. He started off with a four, followed with a three, and last Saturday got two against Everton in the first of the junior “Derbies,” when Liverpool seemed to be heading for defeat, Tommy Fowler having given Everton a first-half lead.

The Reds and Blues meet in the return at Anfield on Saturday.

Liverpool (from): Willis, Morris, Kenneth Seddon, Richard Kirwan, Bob Arnold, Fred Finney, Jack Macdonald, Billy Hall, Jack Campbell, Arthur Shepherd, Fred Williams, Michael Hulligan, Ernest Rothwell, Battersby.

Everton: Wilf Birkett, Tuthill, Curwen, Jack Humphreys, Martin McDonnell, Tommy Fairfoull, Finch, Jack Grant, Boland, Jack Lyon, Fowler.
(Evening Express: September 17, 1942)


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