Tomorrow’s return derby

September 18, 1942
Tomorrow’s return game, between Everton and Liverpool, at Goodison Park, has all that it takes to make a first-class exhibition. Let us hope that is what it will be.

Last week’s game, crammed though it was with thrills and excitement, never reached the high standard of some of last season’s Liverton clashes for pace was preferred to precision and brawn too often took the place of brains. In times like these, when there is no relegation bogey to raise its head and no finger of promotion to beckon, every game, so far as lies within the skill and ability of the players, should be an exhibition of the best type, of football.

Nobody enjoys a grim and determined battle more than I do. It was all that at Anfield, and, I hope will be so tomorrow, for reasonable “bite” is the salt of Soccer, but we can well dispense with the feeling, which somewhat tarnished last week’s match toward the finish. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

Our local Derbies of recent years have been almost without blemish. Let’s keep ‘em that way. With Lambert now posted to a distant R.A.F stationing returned to Service, Liverpool bring in Westby, Blackburn Rovers’ tall and talented player, in his plans. The defence should not suffer thereby. With Spicer having returned to Services duties Keen appears against his colleagues of last season, while on the left flank Hulligan takes over from the injured Taylor.

Everton’s Doubts.
Everton are still undecided about their team, which has three “ifs” and buts” about it. Chief of these refers to Lawton, who is still left in as probable. After the Army’s Irish tour Lawton is understood to be due back at his headquarters on Saturday evening, which cuts him out from the Dumfries match, and Everton have asked permission for him to break his journey South for a few hours to enable him to play. If he is unable to so, or if later arrangements have been made for him to play in the Army match at Dumfries Harry Jones will lead the attack.

Doubt No 2 concerns Boyes. Here also Everton have asked for permission for the players to travel, but so far have had no word either way. In case he doesn’t turn up. Jackson is available to take his place, and after the sparkling display of Jackson at Anfield.

Everton need have no worries there. Greenhalgh also has a question mark against him. Although fit enough to play in an emergency, as he nearly did last week. Everton don’t want to take many risks so are leaving the decision until the last possible moment.

Everton (from) – George Burnett, Billy Cook, Jack Jones, George Jackson, Norman Greenhalgh, Stan Bentham, Tommy Jones, Gordon Watson, Walis Boyes, George Mutch, Tommy Lawton, Harry Jones, Alex Stevenson, Alf Anderson.

Liverpool (from); Alf Hobson, Jack Westby, Roy Guttridge, Harry Kaye, Eric Keen, Jack Pilling, Billy Liddell, Dick Dorsett, George Mills, Cyril Done, Stan Palk, Michael Hulligan.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: September 18, 1942; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

Tommy Lawton, Everton F.C.

Tommy Lawton, Everton F.C.
Tommy Lawton, Everton F.C.


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