New ground for Berry Nieuwenhuys

Tuesday, September 22 – 1942
Berry Nieuwenhuys, Liverpool’s South African outside right, is covering new ground this season. He sends word to say that he is playing for Lovell’s Athletic in the Football League (West) as a “guest” player. He hopes to get to Liverpool for a match or two, but his RAF duties will prevent his coming as much as would like.

Consequently he has thrown in his lot with Lovell’s and is now a club-mate of a former Anfield colleague, Norman Low, brother-in-law of Nel Tarleton, who went from Liverpool to Newport. Norman played with Bath City last season but is now a stalwart in a team which Berry describes as more than useful.

Berry has been playing some high-class tennis of late. He has played with Burke, the Irishman, who used to tour with Tilden, and also had a game with the British David Cup player G.P. Hughes. Nieuwenhuys is certainly a versatile sportsman, for his golf is of professional standard, he is a pretty useful swimmer and good at cricket.
(Evening Express, 22-09-1942)

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