Blow to Reds’ title hopes

December 7, 1942
Liverpool’s Football League Championship No. 1 hopes were dimmed on Saturday when they allowed Blackpool to take a two-points lead in their neck and neck race. And today they suffered another set-back, for Billy Liddell, their 19-year-old Scottish international winger and admittedly one of the greatest discoveries of wartime football has gone to London to join his Royal Air Force unit as a member of an air crew.

The loss of Liddell cannot be over-estimated, for he has proved one of the most potent of Liverpool’s brilliant attack which has been such a vital factor in the forward running of the club Still, football must take second place to national interests, and while we shall all miss Liddell we wish him all the luck in the word. Yes, and these good wishes also goes to Tommy Fairfoull, Everton’s 23-year-old wing half-back, who goes South on Friday to join the Army.

Liddell’s departure means that no fewer than five of Liverpool’s wartime professionals are now with the Forces in addition to eight amateurs. Of the professionals Ray Lambert and Eddie Spicer have gone this year, while Bill Jones and Bob Paisley has been in the Army some time. All are under 20, and the young amateurs who have gone are Fred Finney, Arthur Shepherd, George Collister, Williams, Charlie Fazackerley, Willis, Richard Kirwan and Parker.
(Source: Evening Express: December 7, 1942)

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