Swing it Reds

January 1, 1943
If Liverpool will learn the lesson of last Saturday’s game when they dropped a point at Anfield to Wrexham they will “swing it” when they face the Welshmen again at The Racecourse tomorrow. Liverpool kept it all too close last Saturday, and so cramped their own free shooting style.

Wrexham have an excellent defence with a keen positional sense and the way to blast it open is to exploit the far flung passes to the wings to keep the game open. Liverpool can employ these methods with success and if they do so then I think they will win.

I expect Blackburn’s Westby will be at centre-half for the Reds, but Jack Balmer cannot get away and so we shall see last week’s attack in action again. Wrexham will be strengthened by the return of international Gordon Bremner to inside left, and the remainder of the team is unchanged except for Clegg’s return to goal.

Liverpool won the league game at Wrexham after a grim struggle but there was only 4-3 in it at the end. Here is every prospect of a grand game and Wrexham should have one of their best gates of the season.

Liverpool (from): Alf Hobson, Fred Williams, Roy Guttridge, Harry Kaye, Jack Westby, Tom Bush, Eric Keen, Jack Pilling, Dick Dorsett, Willie Fagan, Cyril Done, Fred Haycock, Michael Hulligan.

Wrexham: Clegg, Cyril Jones, Lloyd, Bill Caton, Ellis Stuttard, Hill, George Collins, Moore, Simms, Gordon Bremner, Terry McNee.
(Source: Evening Express: January 1, 1943; via http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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