Dick Dorsett did it

January 4, 1943
Liverpool had a terrific battle at The Racecourse before they managed to conquer Wrexham by the only goal. Dick Dorsett got the winner in the first half of a game which can be described as a grim and relentless struggle throughout.

It was a day on which Liverpool had to thank heir defence rather than attack for the success. Wrexham fought with that spirit and intensity which characterised their work at Anfield, and against a less capable defence must have gained reward. As it was they failed to take what chances came their way, and that included a penalty, for Alf Hobson saved Blunt’s shot 10 minutes from time.

Hobson, Jack Westby, Roy Guttridge, and George Jackson – once again loaned to the Reds by Everton – were outstanding in the Liverpool side against the luckless Wrexham.

Wrexham: Clegg, Cyril Jones, Lloyd, Bill Caton, Ellis Stuttard, Blunt, George Collins, Moore, Simms, Gordon Bremner, Terry McNee.
Liverpool: Alf Hobson, George Jackson, Roy Guttridge, Harry Kaye, Jack Westby, Jack Pilling, Fred Haycock, Willie Fagan, Cyril Done, Dick Dorsett, Michael Hulligan.
(Evening Express: January 4, 1943; via http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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