Derby preparations

January 5, 1943
Secretary-manager Mr. George Kay, of the Reds, is busy gathering his forces for the first of the War Cup “Derby” games with Everton, which is scheduled for Goodison Park on Saturday.

One problem – that of centre half – is solved, for Westby, of Blackburn Rovers, will be able to continue in the position, and the attack may be strengthened by the return of Jack Balmer. Injury kept Balmer out of the team for a long time, and then his military duties prevented his appearance. However, the international comes home on leave, and if he has recovered from his injury he will turn out.

Williams, of Southampton, will probably rejoin Guttridge at full-back, for one can hardly expect Everton to give permission for George Jackson to play for Liverpool against them. Do not take this as definite, of course, but Mr. Kay is not naming Jackson as a probable. If Liverpool get Jackson they will be all the happier.

Fagan will be here to lead the side, and Dick Dorsett and Fred Haycock will once again be available as the forward “guest” players.

Liverpool (from): Alf Hobson, Fred Williams, Roy Guttridge, Harry Kaye, Jack Westby, Jack Pilling, Fred Haycock, Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer, Dick Dorsett, Cyril Done, Michael Hulligan.
(Evening Express: January 5, 1943)

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