Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1942-43

June 16, 1943
The directors of the Liverpool Football Club report a profit of £3,091 13s. 9d for the year ending May 3, 1943, as compared with a profit of £1,277 12s. 2s. for the previous year. The balance at the credit of the profit and loss account now stands at £14,119 10s. 1d., and is made up as follows: –

Brought forward from last year: £11,027 16s. 4d.
Add: Profit for year ended May 3, 1943: £3,091 13s. 9d.
Making a balance of: £14,119 10s. 1d.

Out of which the directors recommend payment of a dividend at the rate of 7½ per cent. Per annum, absorbing: £900.

Carrying forward to next year: £13,219 10s. 1d.

The directors retiring by rotation are Messrs. William McConnell, George Alfred Richards, and Stanley Ronald Williams, who, being eligible, offer themselves for re-election. No other nominations have been received. The auditors, Messrs. Simon Jude and West, also retire, and are eligible for reappointment.

Players’ wages and transfer fees cost £1,084 5s. compared with £659 5s. the previous season. Travelling expenses cost £981 18s. 11d. compared with £562 4s. 5d. the previous year. Gate receipts amounted to £11,654 19s. 2s. compared with £5,404 4s. in 1942. Entertainment tax absorbed £3,578 4s. 4d; in 1942 this item amounted to £1,181 16s.

The sum of £3,753 18s. 3d. (percentage of gate receipts) was paid to visiting clubs, while the Liverpool club received £2,279 19s. 3d. from away matches.

The annual meeting will be held at the Law Association Small Room, 14 Cook Street, Liverpool, on Thursday, June 24, at seven o’clock.
(Liverpool Daily Post: June 16, 1943)

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