Liverpool F.C.’s summer coaching

June 28, 1943
Footballers who were students of the game in junior football a couple of seasons ago will act as demonstrators when the Liverpool Football Club’s summer coaching session begins at Anfield next Thursday.

Young players who have graduated through the ‘A’ team will show the even younger players just what to do.

Players like Harry Kaye, Cyril Done, Michael Hulligan and Jack Campbell, who have all worked their way through the junior ranks, will join with Alf Hobson, the goalkeeper transferred back from Chester last season, and Alf Hanson, the international, in showing the members of last season’s ‘A’ and colts teams just how things should be done.

Manager Mr. George Kay will be in charge of the class which will last from 5.30 p.m. to 7.0 p.m. and after he has explained the various schemes and points of play, his demonstrators will take the boys and show them what to do. Hobson, for instance, will take the budding goalkeepers, Kaye the half-back, Done and Campbell the inside forwards, Hulligan the wingers and so on.

It should be impossible for Mr. Kay to take them all himself and so there will be this little team of coaches working in harmony under the one “head.”

Mr. Kay says that his magnetic demonstration board will be on the field, and although the juniors will not have actual ball practice, they will use balls for teaching purposes.

For the time being at any rate the club will not accept any more juniors, as Mr. Kay states he has plenty of material sorted out from last term.

However, as time goes on he hopes to find room for other boys who want to get into big-time football.
(Evening Express: June 28, 1943)

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