Liverpool F.C. re-elections

July 12, 1943
Liverpool Football Club will have on the bridge next season the same pilots who guided them to the Football League Championship No. 2 last season and a highly successful financial year.

At the annual directors’ meeting Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale was unanimously re-elected chairman of the club, and Mr. William McConnell was unanimously re-elected vice-chairman. Both will be entering on their third year in the positions.

Mr. Martindale joined the Reds’ directorate in 1931 when he was co-opted to fill the vacancy created by the death of Mr. Edwin Berry and is of course the son of a former Liverpool chairman. Mr. Martindale is a leading light in Lancashire coal trade circles.

Mr. McConnell is one of the best known figures in football and became director at Anfield on February 19, 1929, when he was co-opted to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr. William Robert Williams. Mr. McConnell is a prominent Merseyside caterer and in his footballing days was a team mate of Mr. James Troop, his present Liverpool colleague, and Mr. George Patterson, former secretary-manager of the club.

In these days when contact is difficult between directors, extra work falls on the shoulders of the chairman and vice-chairman, and the Reds are fortunate in having two such enthusiastic workers at the head of affairs.

Mr. McConnell is chairman of the Finance Committee, Mr. Walter Henry Cartwright, chairman of the Stores Committee, and Mr. Stanley Ronald Williams, chairman of the Grounds Committee.

1943 Lawson and McConnell
(Evening Express, 12-07-1943)

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