Liverpool win at Bury

October 4, 1943
Liverpool scored their customary victory at Gigg Lane, but they had to fight desperately hard for their success by 2-1. It was not a good game. Rarely did one see a concerted movement, a movement which culminated in a shot or a save. The defences in the main held the upper-hand.

Liverpool’s first goal was obtained by Arthur Shepherd, but it was really Done, who, charging the goalkeeper and causing him to lose possession, enabled Shepherd to tap the ball into the net. That was at 23 minutes. Five minutes later Bury had equalised, and this was a goal worthy of the maker, for Carter had to beat several rivals and then to shoot the ball into the net at lightning speed.

Liverpool had been the more dangerous side, and there had been one or two cases of missed chances, and when I say that I mean reasonable scoring chances, but one has to pay tribute to the work of the Bury defence, in which Hart stood out.

Hulligan makes amends.
Michael Hulligan, after a rather bad miss at the opening of the second half, made amends almost immediately afterwards. Yet there was an element of luck about his goal. The ball struck the post, rebounded away to what appeared safely, only to hit goalkeeper Bradshaw and turn into the net.

Carter was Bury’s most dangerous forward, but Jack Westby kept a tight hold on him in their many duels. Bury tried all they knew to equalise, and they were testing the Liverpool defence to the full in the last few minutes, but without avail.

Liverpool seemed to drop down to the standard of Bury, who punched the ball forward at every conceivable opportunity. Shepherd got very few good balls, and when he did he was usually up against too solid a defence.

Laurie Hughes, I thought, played finely, and so did Harry Kaye. But taken all round it was a poor game of football as we know it.

Result: – Liverpool 2, Bury 1.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: October 4, 1943; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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