Liverpool’s big score

October 9, 1943
Everton: George Burnett, Jack Jones, Norman Greenhalgh, Stan Bentham, Tommy Jones, Scott-Leo, Jack Grant, Eddie Wainwright, Tommy Lawton, Alex Stevenson, Jimmy McIntosh.
Liverpool: Alf Hobson, Jack Westby, Jeff Gulliver, Harry Kaye, Laurie Hughes, Jack Pilling, Jim Harley, Jack Balmer, Cyril Done, Don Welsh, Alf Hanson.

This was a sensational Derby, for within minutes Liverpool had taken a two goal lead while the gate of 20,000 was still glowing. Everton, up to the scoring of the first goal at 5 minutes were the more attractive eleven and had Alex Stevenson taken a chance at the second minute, would have scored. Stevie was only a matter of yards out with only Alf Hobson in front of him but he could not hit the ball with full power, so Hobson was able to save. Then there was the case of Jack Pilling passing back to his goalkeeper, who was challenged, and before he could get position the ball was in the centre of the goalmouth, but Westby was there to save the situation.

Two For Done
Almost from this clearance the ball was swept up the middle, and Tommy Jones went up to head away and misjudged the flight of the ball, which want over his head. Cyril Done rushed up at express speed, and with his left foot placed the ball into the Everton net before Burnett could move. Three minutes later Done had scored again this time as the result of an excellent passing movement between Jack Balmer, Harry Kaye, Don Welsh and himself. Done went back into position to shoot again with such power that George Burnett was left helpless. These two goals had turned the game inside out.

Done tried for a hat-trick but was off the mark on this occasion. Welsh was dead on the target with a fierce drive which Burnett turned over the bar. Everton were not exactly idle, and Jimmy McIntosh provided Tommy Lawton with an opportunity to make a header, but the ball was straight to Hobson’s hand.

Lawton later, tried again with a header, and was almost successful, but not quite. The game settled down to calmer lines, and Everton hit back but Lawton shot over the bar, as did Balmer, the Liverpool man, but there was no denying the fact that Liverpool were the greater nuisance near goal.

Balmer hit one of his best shots, which travelled wide, but Done showed the value of his left foot when he cracked in what appeared to be a certain winner until Burnett flung up his hands and turned the ball over the bar. It was a magnificent save and a magnificent shot.

Liverpool’s defence was much more confident than that of Everton, for the Liverpool attack found loopholes down the middle whereas Lawton and company there often than not found the way barred to them.

One For Harley
Liverpool were dominating, and rarely did Everton promise to reduce the deficit. Rather was it Liverpool’s prospects of increasing their tally of goals for they were playing well on top of their opponents, shooting often and accurately.

At forty minutes a slip by Jones (T.G.) put Done through again and although Burnett saved the shot he only pushed the ball out to Jim Harley, who returned it into the empty net. Liverpool did not dally when a shooting opportunity arose. They had a shot even though it missed the mark.

Done’s Third
A few minutes before the interval Burnett saved a Balmer shot, but was beaten a little later by Done, who with his right foot screwed the ball just between the near upright and the goalkeeper. Liverpool had won their spurs in this half by dint of good football and the ability to shoot. With the exception of Stevenson’s shot in the first minute there were limited to a few headers by Lawton.

Half-Time; Everton 0, Liverpool 4.

Done almost added to his three goals immediately on resuming for Burnett had to make a one-handed save to keep the ball out of the net.

“Own Goal”
Then, by a struck of misfortune, Laurie Hughes, the Liverpool centre-half turned the ball into his own goal in trying to hook the ball round the goal. There did not seem any immediate danger but is oppose the lad was adopting safety first methods. Everton were doing better, and Lawton scored at fifty-four minutes to make the score 2-4, which was a little more satisfying for the Everton folk.

Still They Come
Liverpool still had the power to shoot and when Welsh slipped the ball through T.G. Jones legs it opened the way for that trusty left foot of Done, who increased Liverpool’s score to five at sixty-six minutes.

Another minute and Welsh had made it six, after Burnett had pushed the ball out from the right wing.

Five minutes from the end Stevenson broke through and cleverly sent the ball out of the reach of Hobson, to score Everton’s third goal. Within two minutes Everton further reduced their lead, McIntosh running through, shooting under the inside of the post, the ball rolled into the back of the net.

Final: Everton 4, Liverpool 6.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: October 9, 1943; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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