Liverpool without Don Welsh at Anfield

December 21, 1943
Liverpool’s defence will be unchanged for their vital game with Tranmere Rovers at Anfield on Saturday, but they will be without Don Welsh in the attack.

Against that, there is the possibility that Willie Fagan may be available, and possibly Michael Hulligan and Arthur Shepherd, so that the Reds look as though they will have ample enough forward resources when the day arrives.

While a win for Liverpool seems as near certain as makes no difference, their ultimate position in the table n Saturday night, which marks the close of this half-season’s championship, depends on what Blackpool and Manchester United do – or fail to do – rather than on anything Liverpool achieve.

If these two fail to win, and Liverpool complete the double against Tranmere, then Anfield will carry off the League championship, for their goal average is sufficient to put them on top if points are level.

Southport did well to hold Blackpool to a draw at Haig Avenue, but I can hardly see them doing so at Blackpool, where Bolton are the only team this season to take points away. Manchester United, who have been serving up some good stuff latterly, and haven’t been beaten since they lost at Chester in the middle of October, may possibly win at Bolton.

Beyond going all out for victory themselves, the matter is out of Liverpool’s control, but, win or lose, they have put up a grand show this half-season, and even if the championship doesn’t land at Anfield, they have still much with which to be well satisfied, not least, the continued excellent showing of their younger players, which augurs well for their post-war outlook.

Saturday’s team against Tranmere will be chosen from the following, while for Boxing Day, when the Reds start off on the Cu Qualifying trail with a home game against Wrexham, the same players, plus Welsh, are named as possibles, viz.: –

Alf Hobson, Jack Westby, Jeff Gulliver, Stan Palk, Laurie Hughes, Jack Pilling, Billy Hall, Jack Balmer, Cyril Done, Willie Fagan, Arthur Shepherd, Robert Beattie, Jack Campbell, Michael Hulligan.
(Liverpool Echo: December 21, 1943)


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