Liverpool’s fine war record

December 28, 1943
Though the Football League’s first half-season championship did not come to Anfield after all, a word of congratulation is due to Liverpool for their excellent record.

To finish third, only one point behind Blackpool, was a creditable performance. Next to the Bloomfield Road club, Liverpool can claim to be the most consistent side in the Northern Section of the League since the present system of half-season championships was instituted in 1941-42, their record during that period being: –

1941-42 (1) Played, 18; Won, 11; Lost, 3; Drawn, 4; Goals, 66-44; Points, 26; Position: 8th of 38.
1941-42 (2) Played, 21; Won, 14; Lost, 5; Drawn, 2; Goals, 57-39; Points, 30; Position: 4th of 22.
1942-43 (1) Played, 18; Won 14; Lost, 3; Drawn, 1; Goals, 70-34; Points, 29; Position: 2nd of 48.
1942-43 (2) Played, 20; Won 15; Lost, 3; Drawn, 2; Goals, 64-32; Points, 32; Position: 1st of 54.
1943-44 (3) Played, 18; Won, 13; Lost, 4; Drawn, 1; Goals, 72-26; Points, 27; Position: 3rd of 50.

The figure in brackets after the year denotes the first or second portion of the season.

Liverpool finished second to Stoke in the Western Regional Division in the first war-time season, and in 1940-41 – their worst period – were 16th out of 36 clubs.

This is an excellent achievement, a tribute to the sound and consistent football the club has served up and to the good work behind the scenes of Manager George Kay and Trainer Jimmy Seddon.

Notice the significant descending scale of “goals against” in the five rows of figures above. Without in any way detracting from Liverpool’s attack, which has frequently shown brilliant form, undoubtedly the consistent excellence of their defence has been the biggest single contributing factor to their long run of success.

Unfortunately the old Cup hoodoo has been just as much in evidence in war as in peace, and Liverpool’s achievements in battling for the War Cup have not been on a par with their League performance. I notice they’re second favourites on several bookmakers’ lists.

Let’s hope they justify themselves this time.
(Liverpool Echo: December 28, 1943)


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