Liverpool’s young stars

December 31, 1943
The absence of three such stalwarts as Jack Balmer, Don Welsh, and Jack Westby is bound to make a difference to Liverpool in their return game with Wrexham at the Racecourse, but the Reds are fortunate that they have youngsters with experience as well as ability to fall back on.

It is in cases like this that the advantage of a club giving every opportunity to their own young players becomes apparent.

Seddon, though he has some way to go yet, has done sufficient to allay any anxiety Liverpool may once have had about subjecting him to the acid test of senior game, while Hall, Campbell, Shepherd, and Hulligan, who are possibiles for the forward vacancies, have likewise clearly shown their capabilities.

It is very doubtful whether Seddon, who has had an ankle injury, will be fit by to-morrow, and Thorpe, the RAF amateur, who did so well against Burnley, is the more likely choice.

Wrexham will put up a stiff fight, for victory in all their home games is essential if they are to qualify for the Cup proper, and Liverpool will have all their work cut out to hold them in check. As with Everton, however, I pin my faith to their solid half back line, and look for a draw at least.

Teams from: –
Liverpool. – Alf Hobson, Kenneth Seddon, Sam Thorpe (Sheffield United), Jeff Gulliver, Harry Kaye, Laurie Hughes, Jack Pilling, Billy Hall, Arthur Shepherd, Cyril Done, Robert Beattie (Preston North End), Stan Palk, Jack Campbell, Michael Hulligan.
Wrexham: David Whitelaw, Cyril Jones, Ellis Stuttard, Ted Savage, Billy Tudor, Frank Hill, Hilliard, Simms, Smith, Gordon Bremner, Bill Horsman, Albert Malam, Frank White, Joe Pilling.
(Liverpool Echo: December 31, 1943)


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