Higgins’ debut in the Everton team

February 10, 1944
A. E. Higgins, the amateur outside right, who joined Everton from Tranmere Rovers, will make his debut in the Football League when, on Saturday, he plays for the Blues in the return War Cup qualifying match with Wrexham, at the Racecourse. Higgins takes the place of Billy Hall, of Liverpool, and has made rather rapid advancement, for it was only two or three weeks ago that he was playing with the Colts team.

Higgins will have an amateur partner in Eddie Wainwright. Harry Catterick, the pre-war reserve centre-forward, who has been playing with Stockport County, is recalled to play in place of Lawton. Catterick is a rare opportunist who has been scoring pretty regularly with the County. It will be Catterick’s first game with the Blues for about two years.

One of the best items, of news from Secretary Mr. Theo Kelly is that Tommy Jones, Welsh international and club captain, will be able to play against his former club. The one team doubt is at inside-left. Alex Stevenson’s R.A.F, duties prevent his playing, and rather than give a lot of “ifs” and “ands” Mr. Kelly is leaving the position vacant until later.

The remainder of the team is unchanged from last week. Watson having got over the knock he received late on last Saturday. Everton: Burnett, Jackson, Greenhalgh, Grant, Jones (Tommy), Watson, A.E. Higgins, E. Wainwright, Catterick, A.N. Other, McIntosh.

Wrexham will be without Foxall, of West Ham, but will bring back Baines, the coloured lad from the West Indies. Otherwise the team is the same as that at Goodison.
Wrexham: Whitelaw, Jones (Cyril), Jefferson, Livingstone, Milburn, Hill, Revell, Bremner, Horsman, Albert Malam, Baines.
(Evening Express: February 10, 1944; ‘Pilot’)


For their return Cup game with Wrexham on the Racecourse, Everton still finds themselves without an inside left owing to Stevenson being unavailable. Lawton’s place is filled by Catterick, who has been assisting Stockport County, while A.E. Higgins, a young local player, comes in at outside right. The team is:
Burnett, Jackson, Greenhalgh, Grant, Jones (T.G.), Watson, A.E. Higgins, E. Wainwright, Catterick, A.N. Other, McIntosh.

Wrexham will be unchanged except at outside left, where Baines, a West Indian, comes in for Foxall.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 10-02-1944)



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