Marine’s test in the County Combination

February 10, 1944
One of the outstanding features of the junior soccer this season has been the remarkable consistence of Marine, Liverpool County Combination champions. In 22 matches they have been defeated only once. That was at Goodison Park in November, when Everton defeated them 8-5. On Saturday Marine again go to Goodison in connection with the Mahon Cup in what should be the match of the day. Marine will start favourites, for whereas they have registered three cup wins, the Blues have only one success to their credit.

Carlton are pointless so far, but may break their “duck” at Helsby Road with Napiers as opposition. Crossman, the St. Tereas’s forward, may play for Carlton. Mayers (Chester) and Snelson (ex-Runcorn) may be in Randle’s team against Fazakerley at Runcorn. Liverpool Reserves go to Rootes Athletic, and Liverpool University will be at home to Kirkby.

Liverpool Reserves (from): Moran, Tommy Halliwell, Richard Kirwan, Billy Twist, Evans, Jenkins, Jack Macdonald, Terry Garner, Harry Gould, Les Shannon, Hall, Powell, Macualay.

Carlton (from): Connolly, Allen, Hanson, O’Rourke, Coppack, Milligan, Sheppard, Harold Atkinson, Crossman, Sale, Hunt, Shaw.

Napiers (from): Biglow, E. Joliffe, Campbell, Bradley, A. Joliffe, Hankin, Arnold, Mangan, McLear, Rigby, Griffiths, Cheedy, Bridge.
(Evening Express, 10-02-1944; ‘Pilot’)


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