Matt Busby (Liverpool) to lead the Scots

February 10, 1944
Matt Busby, Liverpool’s captain, has been recalled to captain Scotland against England at Wembley on Saturday, February, 19. This choice of one of the most popular players in the game follows immediately on brilliant displays for Liverpool – against Everton – and Reading.

Curiously enough, Busby, who was unable to play against England at Manchester because of military duties, is chosen for left half, and not right, and in front of him will be another Merseysider in Jimmy Caskie, of Everton, who takes the place of Johnny Deakin, of St. Mirren. The selectors obviously have not forgotten how well Matt and Jimmy linked up together two seasons ago when playing with Hibernian. Our congratulations go to both players. It means that Merseyside will have five players treading the Wembley turf for Lawton, Britton and Mercer, of Everton, will be wearing the England white shirts.

Macauley and Kirton, two of the outstanding half-back successes of the Army international, are capped for the first time. I tipped this immediately after the Goodison Park game. Flavell, of Airdrie, is the new outside right, and other newcomers are Kilmarnock, of Motherwell, to right back, and Stenhouse and Duncanson, the inside forwards. With Jock Dodds, of Blackpool, leading the line the Scots will have no fewer than six Anglo-Scots.

Scotland: Crozier (Brentford), Kilmarnock (Motherwell), Carabine (Third Lanark), Macaulay (West Ham), Kirton (Stoke City), Busby (Liverpool), Flavell (Airdrie), Stenhouse (St. Mirren), Dodds (Blackpool), Duncanson (Rangers), Caskie (Everton).
(Source: Evening Express: February 10, 1944; ‘Pilot’)


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