Amateurs for Oldham Athletic

March 1, 1944
There will be a number of amateur players in the Oldham Athletic team to meet Liverpool at Anfield in the first round of the League Cup on Saturday. There will be only one guest player, Worrall, who was an Oldham player before he joined Portsmouth.

The twelve players from whom the Oldham team will be chosen are: Mark Radcliffe, G. Samuels, Tom Shipman, Tommy Williamson, Gray, Taylor, Fred Worrall, Jack Bowden, Eddie Chapman or W.H. Cottrill, R.O. Martin and Harry Tilling.

Southport have agreed to release Stan Butler, of West Bromwich, to play at outside left for Liverpool, and Tranmere Rovers have agreed to allow Liverpool to play Steve Hughes if they desire.
(Liverpool Daily Post: March 1, 1944)

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