Matt Busby’s future with Liverpool F.C.

May 13, 1944
Matt Busby, captain of Liverpool and also the Scottish captain, has telegraphed me to say that he has accepted the offer of Liverpool Football Club to take over the position of club coach when his playing days are over.

Busby had a long conference with the club chairman, Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale, and the manager Mr. George Kay, at the ground last week, when it was decided that as soon as the war is over Busby will return to Anfield as the club captain.

When the time does come for Matt to retire as a player – and everyone hopes that this day is far distant – he will take charge of the coaching of the young players Liverpool are determined to develop. I can visualise no one more suited to the job, for Matt not only knows the game from A to Z, but has the faculty for conveying that knowledge to others. That is an important point.

Busby cost Liverpool £8,000 when they brought him from Manchester City, with whom he won a cup medal, but they have never made a better investment. Busby’s arrival marked the start of the steady advance of the club, due in large measure to the leadership of the Scot, who is now an instructor in the Army.

Congratulations to Matt on the appointment, but he is such an attractive player that I hope we shall have him leading the Reds for many seasons to come.
(Evening Express: May 13, 1944)

Matt Busby, Liverpool F.C.

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