Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale: Rotary’s chairman

May 25, 1944
Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale, a Liverpool coal trader, House Fuel Officer for Liverpool, and chairman of the Liverpool Football Club was today elected president of Liverpool Rotary Club.

A native of Liverpool, Mr. Martindale was a pupil of the Liverpool Collegiate School and later was goalkeeper for the Collegiate Old Boys. He started his business life in 1909 in his father’s coal business and, with the exception of 12 months spent in the glass business, has spent all his business life in the coal trade.

1944 RL Martindale

In the last war he served with the Lancashire Hussars 1914-19, and became managing director of the firm of “R.L. Martindale, Ltd.”, in 1926. His services to the coal trade were recognised in 1939, when he was elected president of the Coal Merchants’ Association, Liverpool.

At the outbreak of war he was made District House Coal Officer on behalf of the Ministry of Mines. In this capacity he has acted as liaison officer between the fuel authorities and the trade and was responsible for emergency supplies.

Mr. Martindale has always been keen on trade organisation, and was this year appointed president for Lancashire of the Coal Merchants Federation. He also holds national offices and sits on the Council of the Chamber of Coal Traders in London.

The search for the perfect house-grate which will burn coal efficiently with a minimum of smoke has always been one of Mr. Martindale’s principal pursuits.

His sporting interests include the chairmanship of the Liverpool Football Club, of which his father was also a chairman, and membership of the West Derby Golf Club. He is a member of the committee of the Liverpool Sportsmen’s Association.

Although born in Liverpool, Mr. Martindale’s parents were Cumbrian, and he is president of the Cumberland and Westmoreland Association in Liverpool.
(Evening Express: May 25, 1944)

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