Everton and Liverpool directors unopposed

June 1, 1944
Harmony reigns among the shareholders of Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs. There will be no elections this year for seats on the directorate – a sure sign of contentment and a tribute to the faultless management of the two clubs.

No nominations from shareholders were received by the stipulated date, and so the three retiring directors from each board will be re-elected unopposed at the annual meetings.

Everton’s meeting takes place first – June 16 is the appointed date – and it will be announced that Mr. Bill Gibbins, the club chairman, Mr. George Evans, and Mr. William Robert Williams go back to serve for another three years.

Liverpool have not yet fixed their meeting day, but their accounts are now being audited, and when the balance-sheet is issued you will find that Messrs. William John Harrop, James Troop and Ralph Knowles Milne go back to carry on their good work.

When Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale, the Liverpool chairman, announces to the shareholders the re-election of Mr. James Troop he will virtually complete Mr. Troop’s 21 years of service to the board on July 4, 1923, when he, Mr. John Keating and Mr. William Wood were candidates for a vacancy. Mr. Troop came out on top in the ballot, and since has been the perfect director.

Mr. Troop occupied the position of vice-chairman of the club under the chairmanship of Mr. Harrop, but resigned the office in 1939 because of indifferent health.

While 21 years is Mr. Troop’s grand record, Mr. Gibbins will embark on his 25th year as an Everton director. Mr. Gibbins has done grand work for the Blues, and became chairman in 1940, succeeding the later Mr. Andrew Coffey who resigned for health reasons after following Mr. Ernest Green in office.

Mr. William John Harrop joined the Liverpool board in 1926, filling the vacancy created by the death of Mr. R. Martindale, and was chairman for five years immediately preceding 1941, when Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale succeeded him to allow Mr. Harrop more time to devote to his work as a member of the Football League Management Committee.

Mr. George Evans was co-opted to the Everton directorate in 1938, and saw the Blues win the Cup in his first year, while Mr. W.R. Williams went into office in 1938 and straightaway saw the Blues win the League championship.

The junior of the six, Mr. Ralph Knowles Milne, was co-opted to the Reds board three years ago, when Mr. John Asbury resigned. That Liverpool made a wise choice is proved by the fact that the shareholders have now confirmed the action.

This present “let matters remain as they are” frame of mind is quite a treat when one recalls so vividly such stormy times as the never-to-be-forgotten Central Hall and Law Association room meetings of a few years ago.
(Source: Evening Express: June 1, 1944; via http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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