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Poems on Players:
“He’s a right back,
And a tight back,
No stripling-raw-and-slight-back;
A rare back,
Do-and-dare back,
A funk-and-fumble-ne’er back.

He’s a cool back,
Liverpool back,
Accurate back,
His comrades-makes-elate back.

He’s a neat back,
Never-beat back,
A sturdy-on-his-feet back;
Lithe-of-limb back;
Rather “slim” back,
You-can-put-your-trust-in-him back.

Oh, this WEST back,
Of-the-best back,
Merits-can’t-be-all-expressed back;
A superb back,
Can’t-perturb back,
A-crisis-can’t-disturb back.”
(Athletic News: February 5, 1906).

Born: December 15, 1881: Nottingham, in England.
Passed away: June 27, 1944: Radford, in England.

Position: Full back.

Height: 170 cm. (5ft. 7in.);
Weight: 74 kilos (11st. 9lb.).
** Source: Athletic News: December 30, 1907.

Notts Jardine, 1897.
Radford Congregational.
Ilkeston, 1901
Barnsley, 1902.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £500 (new transfer record for both clubs).
Liverpool: Signed: November 4, 1903;
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: November 6, 1903.
Reading: Signed: June 3, 1909.
Liverpool: Signed: May 4, 1910.
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: August 11, 1910.
Notts County: Signed: July 13, 1911.
*** War time guest for Reading.
Mansfield Town, 1919.
Shirebrook, 1919.

Football League First Division Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Football League Second Division Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool); 1913-14 (Notts County).
Sheriff of London Charity Shield Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Liverpool Cup Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool), 1905-06 (Liverpool).

Sunderland Daily Echo: January 2, 1904.
Alf West 1904

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: March 18, 1905.
Alf West 1905

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