Football League President’s “Golden Wedding.”

June 27, 1944
Congratulations to Mr. W.C. Cuff, President of the Football League, vice-president of the Football Association and director of Everton F.C. and to Mrs Cuff on the celebration of their golden wedding today. Mr. and Mrs Cuff were married on June 27, 1894, at St. Domingo’s church, and it was from St. Domingo’s Church team that the famous Everton club grew. The church spire is incorporated in the Everton crest.

It was in 1895 that Mr. Cuff first became a director of Everton although he had been connected with the club since 1890. Later, Mr. Cuff became secretary of the club, and from 1918 to 1921 had to give up his work for the club for business reasons. However, Mr. Cuff went back to occupy the chair from 1922 to 1938. Mr. Ernest Green then went into the chair, being succeeded in turns by the late Mr. Andrew Coffey and the present chairman Mr. Will C. Gibbins.

Everton being unlike their Anfield neighbours and having no election for the chairmanship. Mr. Cuff on the League Management Committee for many years doing brilliant work for soccer, and he was elected President on June 5, 1939 in succession of the late Mr. Charles Sutcliffe.

Mr. Cuff is the man who has been at the helm of football during these difficult war years, and for that alone the game will ever be indebted to him. Football has never had a more energetic legislator and the game will join me in extending to Mr. and Mrs Cuff many more years of good health and happiness.
(Evening Express: June 27, 1944)


Mr. W.C Cuff and his wife celebrate their golden wedding today.  They were married 50 nyears ago at St. Domingo Church.  From the club formed at that church the Everton club developed, and Mr. Cuff joined the Everton board a year after his marriage.  He had served that club through all its trials and triumphs ever since, at different periods as director, secretary, and chairman, Mr. Cuff has carried all the honours of the football he has piloted the organisation through all the difficulties of the war-time seasons.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 27-06-1944)