Chairman For the Fourth Year

June 28, 1944
Mr. Bill Gibbins has been re-elected chairman of the Everton F.C. for the fourth successive season. This was decided at a meeting of the directorate last night, when every member of the board was present.

The election of Mr. Gibbins was by a unanimous vote. Mr. Gibbins is only Everton’s fourth chairman in the last 23 years, for Mr. William Cuff, occupied the chair for 17 years, Mr. Ernest Green for one and half years and the late Mr. Andrew Coffey for a short period before ill-health caused his retirement and Mr. Gibbins stepped into office.

Mr. Gibbins has done his work well. Without fuss or ostentation he has kept things running smoothly and efficiently and the manner in which he has steered the club through difficult war years is deserving of the highest praise.

So long as Mr. Gibbins can keep the club running well he is content, for never has he sought limelight. Readers will readily join me in wishing Mr. Gibbins and his colleagues, who so strongly rally to him, a highly successful season, both from playing and financial points of view.

Following custom since 1938 the directors have not appointed a vice-chairman; in fact, it is a case of “as you were” the Blues arrangements being the same as for the 1943 season, and with Secretary Mr. Theo Kelly again devoting full time duties to the Everton cause.
(Source: Evening Express: June 29, 1944; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


At their first meeting since the annual gathering of shareholders the Everton Board last night re-elected Mr. Bill Gibbins, chairman, for the fourth year in succession.  Mr. Gibbins has had a long experience of football and has been a director of Everton 24 years, during which he has rendered excellent service, not only to the club, but to the game generally. He has had a long association with the Liverpool County F.A.
(Liverpool Daily Post: June 29, 1944; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


Everton’s as you were
Everton F.C. directors last night, at their first meeting since the shareholders annual gathering re-elected Mr. Bill Gibbins as chairman, this making his fifth season at the head. It was in June, 1940, that he succeeded the late Mr. Andrew Coffey. He has been a director of Everton since 1920.

Mr. Gibbins has done excellent work for the club in many ways, and was mainly responsible for restoring directorial harmony after the upsets a few years ago. Here’s wishing him a happy and successful year.
(Liverpool Echo: June 29, 1944; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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