Boys of the Old Brigade

July 27, 1944
Here comes the “Boys of the Old Brigade” so far as Liverpool Football Club is concerned. Latest news from Anfield is that six of their pre-war stars will be available for next season – in addition to those pre-war players who have been regulars during the war seasons.

Phil Taylor, Dirk Kemp, Harry Eastham, George Paterson, Jimmy McInnes and Bill Kinghorn are stationed in the North, and will be able to assist their club in the coming Football League season which opens on August 26.

Consequently Liverpool’s outlook is particularly bright, and Manager Mr. George Kay states that all he needs now is a good wing half-back and a good full-back in case of necessity. Of course, there is cheering news about Jim Harley, the Scottish defender, so far as back is concerned. Harley had made a complete recovery from his cartilage operation, and has, in fact, been playing in five-a-side matches with the Royal Navy. However, Mr. Kay cannot count of Harley as by any means a regular, although he will be playing during leave periods.

The 1943-44 half-back line will be available again – the sheet-anchor of the team – but as Stan Palk has now joined the Royal Navy there is no seasoned player to step in should there be an emergency.

Naturally, Liverpool were disappointed that Ronnie Dix did not accept the offer to play for them, but Jack Balmer will be able to play again following the summer rest from sport. Balmer missed the “concluding” games last season because of “sport-strain.” Mr. Kay assures me that Jack will be okay for the season’s opening.

Red’s strength.
Alf Hobson is there again as Liverpool’s first choice goalkeeper, with Kemp no doubt yearning for a return, and several promising juniors coming along. Gulliver, of Reading, will be the first choice left back, and young Kenneth Seddon, son of Jimmy Seddon, the club coach, is fit again and will be able to hold down the right back job. Another year of experience will have done Seddon a world of good. The lad has the stuff in him.

Harry Kaye, one of my safest bets as the best discovery of the war, is fit again and already in training, so with Laurie Hughes and Pilling for the other half-back positions, everything is rosy seeing that McInnes is back again and that Paterson can also play wing half.

Mainstays of the attack will be Phil Taylor, Balmer, Don Welsh and Cyril Done, while the youngsters, Campbell and Hall, will be challenging for the wing positions. Harry Eastham, however, can play on the wing or inside, and Kinghorn is a regular outside left.

Paterson has been playing with Reading and may prove quite a utility player. Anyway, the Anfield line up at the moment is:

Goal: Alf Hobson, Dirk Kemp.
Backs: Kenneth Seddon, Jeff Gulliver.
Half-backs: Harry Kaye, George Paterson, Laurie Hughes, Jack Pilling, Jimmy McInnes.
Forwards: Jack Campbell, Billy Hall, Harry Eastham, Phil Taylor, Jack Balmer, Cyril Done, Don Welsh, Bill Kinghorn.
(Evening Express: July 27, 1945)


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