Highland welcoming for the Army XI

August 11, 1944
Yesterday the British Army, which meets a Combined Services eleven at Inverness today, spent the day golfing and bowling in Inverness.

In the evening, the team and officials were given a civic reception and entertained at dinner by the Town Council. Provost Hugh Mackenzie welcomed the party.

Col. B.C. Hartley, Major Sloan, secretary of the British Army Football Association, and Mr. F.S. Rous, secretary of the English Football Association, returned thanks.

Teams for today’s match are: –
British Army XI: Frank Swift (Manchester City), Dick Taylor (Wolves), Walley Barnes (Arsenal), Joe Mercer (Everton), Micky Fenton (Middlesbrough), Matt Busby (Liverpool), Albert Tennant (Chelsea), Thomas Walker (Hearts), Archie Macaulay (Glasgow Rangers), Don Welsh (Charlton), Andy Black (Heart of Midlothian), Jimmy Mullen (Wolves).

Services Select XI: Wilson Parker (Bradford City), Alex Boden (Celtic), George McMillan (Third Lanark); Gibson (R.A.F.), James Simpson (Glasgow Rangers), Jock Wightman (Blackburn), Moly (Bolton), Donnelly (R.A.F.), Feigale (R.A.F.), Peter Simpson (St. Johnstone), Robert Chalmers (Dundee United).
(Aberdeen Journal: August 12, 1944)


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