– Don’t shoot. I am a German international

August 15, 1944
How an English and a German professional footballer exchanged reminiscences in a minefield in Normandy, is disclosed by Lieut. Edwin Spicer, Liverpool F.C. half-back, in a letter to his mother.

He tells how a German medical corps sergt.-major surrendered to him, shouting: “Don’t shoot. I am a soccer international.”
“He spoke perfect English,” writes Lieut. Spicer, “and said that he was a professional footballer back in the Fatherland and had played against several English touring clubs.”

“He mentioned many well-known English players including Callaghan of Aston Villa, against whom he said he had played in 1937, and with whom he corresponded for a time. We had quite an interesting chat while he was being patched up, and you would have thought we were the best of friends.”
(Gloucestershire Echo: August 15, 1944)

Eddie Spicer (left) with Willie Fagan
Eddie Spicer and Willie Fagan

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