The “Liverton” Derby at Goodison

August 15, 1944
Though the football season proper does not start until Saturday week, the opportunity is being taken by several clubs to stage charity games this Saturday. The meeting of Everton and Liverpool, at Goodison Park, in aid of the Lord Mayor’s Fund, is sure to draw Soccer enthusiasts in goodly numbers.

Last year’s game for the same cause was a real thriller, and the Liverton Derby never fails to make appeal. Though unavoidable, it is rather a pity the return between the R.A.F and the Western Command, arising out of the first encounter at Anfield, last May should be on the same at Blackpool, because it means the several stars who otherwise might have been at Goodison will be missing.

With League fixtures filling every Saturday, however, and mid-week games taboo, the Service folk to seize the only free day that was going, and there should be a big holiday crowd for the Blackpool fixture, when the teams will contain a big sprinkling of internationals.

The Western Command will include Jimmy McInnes, Jack Balmer and Bill Kinghorn (Liverpool), Liverpool’s gust star, Don Welsh and Tommy Lawton (Everton) with Ronnie Stuart, Blackpool’s reserve centre half, in the pivotal position. The R.A.F attack will be led by Joe Payne of Chelsea and will include Stanley Matthews. I understand there is still a doubt about Balmer’s fitness.

Neither Liverpool nor Everton are yet able to announce their side for the Goodison game, but Everton’s eleven will include a newcomer in Sid Rawlings, of Millwall, son of Archie Rawlings, who has assisted Southport of recent seasons.

Apart from him, Everton are not likely to set themselves out very much for guest stars, believing that it will be them better, with the end of the war more or less in sight, to concentrate on giving every opportunity to their own younger players of promise.

I had a call yesterday from Joe Mercer, who is home on a week’s leave and will play on Saturday, but Tommy Jones isn’t likely to be fit to turn out for a few weeks. Lowe, Everton’s promising 18 years-old winger, who broke his leg last November has resumed training.

Now that Preston North End are taking up the reins gain Jimmy McIntosh will play for them his Services duties permit, but will be available for Everton occasionally. Tommy Lawton’s appearances will depend on representative calls and his job as P.T instructor to the Army cadets; when these permit he will turn out for Everton.
(Liverpool Echo: August 15, 1944)


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