War fund game at Goodison

August 18, 1944
Football enthusiasts of Merseyside, now girding up their lenis for the real start next week, have some pre-season charity games for their delectation tomorrow. Although Everton-Liverpool game at Goodison Park suffers a little because some Services stats have been requisitioned for the R.A.F v. Western Command match at Blackpool, there was never yet a Liverton Derby which didn’t pail in a worthy crowd, and the Lord Mayor’s War Fund, and should benefit by something apt encroaching four figures.

The absence of Lawton, and T.G. Jones is partially balanced by the appearance of Joe Mercer, and the Liverpool fans are who is relishing the return after his cartilage trouble of Harry Kaye, as well as the inclusion of Harry Eastham and Phil Taylor, who are likely to be available this season.

Manager George Kay is still minus a right back and inside left. I understand from an outside source, there is chance that Ronnie Dix may after all play for Liverpool this season instead of Wrexham.

Everton; Burnett; J. Jones, Greenhalgh; Mercer, McDonnell, Watson; Grant, Bentham, McIntosh, Stevenson, Makin.
Liverpool; Alf Hobson; A.N. Other, Jeff Gulliver; Harry Kaye, Laurie Hughes, Jack Pilling; Harry Eastman, Phil Taylor, Cyril Done, A.N. Other, Jack Campbell.
(Liverpool Echo: August 18, 1944)


War Fund Goodison “Derby”
Football again in all its glory tomorrow. The “preliminary canter” for the 1944-45 season will feature a Merseyside “Derby” between Everton and Liverpool at Goodison Park for the Lord Mayor of Liverpool’s War Fund, and I anticipate that this will mean another £1,000 for the Fund, for even should the “gate” fall below that mark I think the clubs will, as in the past, make up the round figure.

While the Blues and Reds are at grips, other of our Merseyside clubs will be holding their final trial games in readiness for the Football League start a week hence. Tranmere Rovers as a matter of fact, are holding two trial games, while there be practice games at Southport, Wrexham, Chester and Crewe.

It is a pity that the Blackpool charity game should draw so many stars from the Goodison Park encounter and we shall miss Tommy Lawton, Jack Balmer and Don Welsh, but fortunately there are other high-powered personalities to ensure this being as exciting as all the many local “Derby” matches of the war.

Each and every war-time “Derby” has been a thriller, and last season’s War Fund match, despite the absence of points lure, was one of the most enthralling, for did not Liverpool peg back a two-goal lead to pile on five in the closing minutes to win? Liverpool had the better of last season’s “arguments,” and paper teams suggest that they will again dominate locally, but that is no certainty by any means, and the Everton of concentrating on their own players rather than including too many “guest” players should bear fruit in the future.

Per-War Stars
We shall see plenty of per-war stars on parade tomorrow, for in the Everton side there will be Joe Mercer, Alex Stevenson, Jack Jones (internationals these), Greenhalgh, Bentham, Watson and Burnett. With the Reds will be Harry Eastham, Phil Taylor, and Cyril Done, besides the “prodigal” Alf Hobson.

War-time discoveries in Harry Kaye, Laurie Hughes, and Jack Campbell appear for Liverpool and Everton give to Matt McDonnell and George Makin, the 17-year-old winger, the chance to show whether a year has made the advancement expected.

Grant will be at outside right, where Syd Rawlings will later be appearing as a “guest” so that Everton’s only “guest” will be Jimmy McIntosh, of Preston North End, who leads the attack for Lawton. McIntosh will be playing for Everton whenever he cannot get away to help his own club.

Liverpool feature Jeff Gulliver, of Reading as their only “gust” but right back and inside left are positions which need to be filled, and maybe Manager Mr. George Kay has an “ace” up his sleeve. This may prove to be Ronnie Dix, of Spurs, who is being sought by other clubs.

The match starts at 3 o’clock, and despite the fact that Summer sports other connect-attractions there should be at least 15,000 spectators present to help this excellent cause.

Everton; Burnett; Jones, Greenhalgh; Mercer, M. McDonnell, Watson; Grant, Bentham, McIntosh, Stevenson, G. Makin (seventeen-year-old player of promise).
Liverpool: Alf Hobson; A.N. Other, Jeff Gulliver; Harry Kaye, Laurie Hughes, Jack Pilling; Harry Eastman, Phil Taylor, Cyril Done, A.N. Other, Jack Campbell.
(Evening Express: August 18, 1944)


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